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How can you realize your strategy successfully, if you have not created a high level design of your future state?

When organizations want to Transform, they usually define a list of initiatives to realize the key components of the future state. Very often, these initiatives turn into autonomous projects or agile epics distributed across autonomous agile teams. What all these initiatives usually lack, is a coherent roadmap towards a shared blueprint.

With Versatyle Blueprint, we help organizations to first turn their Strategy into blueprints on how the organization, the process landscape, the IT landscape will have to look like three/four/five years from now to execute against the Strategy. Once these blueprints are there, we can help the organization to define a coherent and prioritized Roadmap of traditional projects and/or agile epics, with the end in mind! This will provide the much needed insight into delta between the current and desired future state, not to created a rigid pan, but to provide a clear sense of direction.

The result? Better realization of organization Strategy, well prioritized and logical/feasible roadmap and efficient execution.