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Versatyle DataFlow

Versatyle DataFlow is our suite of tools for data migration and cleansing, designed to help you ensure that your data is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date.

Image that shows the Versatyle BizzDat process

Migration workflow

Migrate your data quickly and easily with Versatyle DataFlow. Our five-step data migration process ensures that your data is clean, accurate, and ready for use.

Step 1: Extraction – We extract your data from its original source, whether it’s a database, spreadsheet, or other format.

Step 2: Standardization – We standardize your data to ensure that it conforms to your organization’s rules and formats.

Step 3: Cleansing – We cleanse your data to remove duplicates, inconsistencies, and errors.

Step 4: Enrichment – We enrich your data with additional information from trusted sources, such as public records or third-party data providers.

Step 5: Absorption – We absorb your data into your new system, making it ready for use in your business processes.