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About Versatyle

Our Mission

Keeping organizations on track during change

The name “Versatyle”

“uk/ˈvɜː.sə.taɪl/ us/ˈvɝː.sə.t̬əl/: able to adjust to new conditions,
to be used for many different purposes or to change easily from
one activity to another”

Versatyle is the selected name, because with the combined expertise we are a very versatile company for supporting our customers.

Versatyle Group: Bridging the gap between strategy and realization

The Versatyle Group consists of a number of operating companies, which transparently work together for our clients to close the gap between Strategy and Realization. We do this by designing blueprints of the future organization based on their strategy, and developing roadmaps of improvement initiatives to actually implement these blueprints and help realize strategic goals.

Versatyle’s History

The Versatyle Group, a combination of a number of companies that joined forces under one umbrella and one label;

established 2003
Enterprise Architecture consulting from Effective Management Consultancy B.V.
established 2003
a tight cooperation with TimeToMarket B.V. (trading under the name ‘Zenit’)
established 2005
Strategic Portfolio management from Resilient B.V.

What we can do

Stay in control

We have a strategic portfolio management software solution to keep senior management fully in control.


  • At any time they can be on track of the change progress as well as the actual realization of the goals and key performance indicators of the organization.
  • Then, with implementing fast-track reliable and accessible dashboards, we help the organization obtain information about the current situation and carefully steer Business-as-Usual as well as improvements thereof.

Data & Process

  • with our Data-Platform, we can help improve the quality of data quality within the organization, carry out data migrations in a highly automated way (and with improvement of data quality during the process), and store historic data with a low-cost, hack-free and sustainable Archiving service, allowing the organization manage data as an asset, independently from applications and suppliers.
  • With professional and creative process design, we help employees, managers and stakeholders design ‘dream processes’ for the organization, which we then really help implement as well, either through IT advice to the organization, or through our own Platform-for-Digitization.

Personalize Education Paths

Developing a blueprint and roadmap for a Dutch university shifting towards a personalized, digital learning environment.

Roadmap challenge

Using the BizzNav software solution to calculate the feasibility and success of a major change program for a Dutch bank, which helps them avoid a potential business case failure.

Process Architecture

Using professional modelling techniques to find out how three organizations can work as one