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Overview: An international retail group with an ambitious growth strategy was faced with the challenge of effectively managing a multitude of projects, which included innovative initiatives alongside essential maintenance of existing systems. The complexity escalated due to the sheer volume of projects and a limited pool of resources. To address these challenges, the organization used BizzNav to provide insights, prioritization, structural coherence, and enhanced project management into their portfolio.


  • Managing a diverse set of projects encompassing both innovation and system maintenance.
  • Dealing with the intricacies arising from a substantial number of projects.
  • Resource scarcity, hindering the execution of multiple initiatives.
  • A need for improved project prioritization and streamlined architecture management.


  1. Enterprise Architecture and Roadmap: Versatyle initiated the creation of a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture, complete with a roadmap outlining all ongoing and upcoming initiatives. This roadmap provided a structured and strategic approach to project execution.
  2. BizzNav Integration: To expedite the process, BizzNav was linked with the organization’s architecture tooling, facilitating the exchange of architecture artifacts, including processes, applications, and organization units. In return, approved projects were seamlessly incorporated into the agile and project management tools. This digital transformation streamlined the entire process and IT landscape development.
  3. Scenario-Based Portfolio Optimization: BizzNav introduced scenario-based optimization to ensure the creation of an optimal project portfolio at any given time. This approach allowed for agile adaptation to changing circumstances.
  4. Transparency and Business Value Assessment: BizzNav emphasized transparency, compelling the organization to better evaluate the business case and value of each project. This enabled more effective project comparison and prioritization.


  • The international retail group achieved improved project management and strategic alignment through the establishment of an Enterprise Architecture and roadmap.
  • Seamless integration between BizzNav and the organization’s architecture tooling facilitated the digitization of processes and IT landscape development.
  • Scenario-based optimization ensured the continuous adaptation of the project portfolio to evolving needs.
  • Enhanced transparency led to better-informed decision-making and project prioritization.

Key Takeaways: This case study underscores the importance of structured project management and agile adaptation in an environment with numerous initiatives and resource constraints. A strategic roadmap, integration of tools, and transparency are crucial for sustained growth and operational efficiency.